Invasive Species Projects by Year

2017 Evaluation of Crowding to Improve Giant Salvinia Biocontrol Performance

2016 Hydrilla Biocontrol on Bayou Lafourche

2016 Invasive Species Programs at NPS Barataria Preserve

2015 Feral Hog Damage Surveys 2

2014 Apple Snail Monitoring

2014 Barataria-Terrebonne Paddle Guide

2013 Habitat Restoration at Woodlands Conservancy

2013 Chinese Tallow Removal at Parc des Familles

2013 Invasive Species Control at Brechtel Park

2013 Salvinia Weevil Distribution to Coastal Marshes

2012 Residents’ Guide to Managing Invasive Species

2011 Marsh Dog

2011 Righteous Fur 2

2011 Reclaiming the Bayou

2011 Feral Hog Damage Surveys 1

2010 Survey and Tracking of Rio Grande Cichlids

2009 BTNEP/Audubon Nature Institute Invasive Species AquaVan Program

2009 Righteous Fur 1

2009 Pointe Aux Chenes Elementary School Homegrown Roots

2008 Invasive Species Control at A Studio in the Woods

2008 Invasive Species Control at Woodlands Trail and Park

2008 Residents’ Guide to Coastal Restoration

2007 Zebra Mussel Survey of Bayou Lafourche
2006 Invasive Species Rapid Assessment